117 East Burke Street, Martinsburg WV


One church joining faith and action

Upon entering through the wooden doors of our church…

Open DoorYou will receive a warm welcome from a friendly greeter and be handed a printed bulletin and with a cover page that defines WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE BELIEVE ! 

We are the United Church of Christ.  Our roots go back 2000 years, but we are very much now and today!

We embrace modern intelligent thinking:




We can even be lighthearted.

Our open-armed approach is appealing to people of all races and lifestyles, which may explain why our congregations are diverse and unique.

 Another funny thing happens when you’re less judgmental!

You allow people to search, discover and flourish. Our friends come to us to seek their own answers, look inside themselves and explore their spiritual lives.

In the end, our personality is reflective of Christ’s.






Words from our members – First impressions

Wow! An Unexpected Pleasant Surprise Upon First Visiting the Christ Reformed Church-UCC.  Read our story


“We were drawn to Christ Reformed United Church of Christ by its motto: “God is still speaking.” That appealed to our view that Christianity is a living thing — adapting to our changing world to remain ever relevant. From the very beginning of our attendance there, we were welcomed warmly and invited to share in activities outside of the worship service. The fellowship that we enjoyed, the sincere welcome and the wonderful, caring people in the church made us decide within a few visits that we wanted to join. We are so glad we did, and we come home from church feeling re-energized and ready to face the week renewed in spirit.”


“My mom and I were very close and since her death, I found myself still overwhelmed with grief. It was obvious to me that I could not continue this path and had to return to a spiritual life.  My first church visit was a “cold” experience. Ever since moving to the Martinsburg area, I always admired the historic church on Burke Street so I decided to see how it looked and felt on the inside. I was welcomed with genuine warmth. love, and interest. The next Sunday they greeted me by name with the same warmth and love. I am home with a new perspective.”


“Ed and I had both been raised in the church.  Ed was raised Catholic and I was raised as a Southern Baptist.  When we were searching for a church, we knew that we wanted to worship in a church that felt like family.  We had been to larger churches but found that we were just a number.  We wanted to be involved.  We wanted to feel welcomed.

We heard about Christ Reformed from our [two] friends, [members of the CRC].  They invited us, welcomed us.  When we step into the church, we were awed by the BEAUTIFUL stained glass and the domed ceiling.  You cannot appreciate the beauty of this church from outside.  We were embraced by strangers, who have become like family to us.  We loved Pastor Tom.  We loved the fact that he preaches God’s love for everyone—regardless of your social status, your income, your color.  And that he practices what he preaches, he loves you just as you are, in God’s eyes.  We came home!  ”