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The season of giving comes to Christ Reformed UCC

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The season of giving comes to Christ Reformed UCC

Congregation members have been opening their hearts and their wallets this Thanksgiving/Advent season to help others in the community.

Lois Brady reports that she delivered 56 stockings to the Salvation Army from members of our congregation, as well as several large bags and boxes of items that wouldn’t fit into the stockings. She gives “a very, very special Thank You to everyone who filled Christmas stockings” and says she is especially grateful to those who contributed monetarily. Thanks to everyone who participated, and thank you, Lois, for bringing this fun and meaningful project to our church!

Mary Kackley led another giving effort that took place the entire month of November: collecting food items for the Meals on Wheels “Snow Kits.” Mary updated us last Sunday, saying the donations filled two shopping carts almost to overflowing. Thank you to everyone who contributed and thank you, Mary, for spearheading this worthwhile endeavor!

In addition to all of this, the Advent season brings weekly opportunities to contribute cash or non-perishable food items in our Light One Candle giving tradition. All of the donations will be given to CCAP at the end of Advent.

As we look back over the year gone by and remember all of the blessings God has given us, it is good to have these opportunities to give to others.