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New Consistory takes office

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New Consistory takes office

The new Consistory for 2024 was installed last Sunday during the worship service. The members pictured above include, from right: James Rinker, secretary; Mary Kackley, president; Sallye Heaton; Caren Forestandi, vice president; Ginny Reisenweber; Pastor Tom Hartshorn; Bob Gough, treasurer; Sandra Ragsdale, assistant secretary; and H.J. Lord II. Caren, Mary, Ginny and James are serving as elders, with Bob, Sallye, H.J. and Sandra serving as deacons. This is the first year on Consistory for H.J. and Sandra.

Prior to introducing the new Consistory members, Tom thanked Mark Eisinger, who was leaving the Consistory, for his service. Also leaving the Consistory was Cayla Merica, who was not present.

Thank you to everyone who served last year and those who will be serving this year to help lead our church. We appreciate your service!