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Congregation members fill stockings for needy children

One church joining faith and action

Congregation members fill stockings for needy children

Lois Brady figures she’s been doing this for at least 50 years now — working with the Salvation Army to provide gifts for children in need. At one time, it involved dressing dolls and providing teddy bears. More recently, it has meant filling mesh stockings with toys, candy and other gifts for children in four different age groups, spanning from infants to 12-year-olds. Every year, Lois picks up stockings from the Salvation Army, brings them to church and hands them out to anyone wanting to help. Then she collects all of the stockings and takes them to the Salvation Army for distribution. This morning, before even looking at what had been left at the back of the church, Lois estimated she had already delivered about 60 stockings. She thought there might be another 20 waiting for her to load in her car after worship today. Thank you, Lois, for taking charge of this wonderful project again this year. And thanks to everyone in the congregation who took a stocking or stockings home and filled them. There will be some happy children on Christmas morning thanks to all of your efforts!

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