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Congregation Corner

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Congregation Corner

Outdoor worship service honors grads, brings surprises

At this year’s outdoor worship service, we honored graduates from our congregation, including: James Rinker, Charlie Cloud, Amanda Riner, Paul Christo and Sara Mason. James, Charlie and Sara were given scholarships from the church.

Consistory President Harvey Reisenweber, right, gives scholarship checks to James Rinker, left, and Charlie Cloud.

It was a glorious day to be outside, although the smell of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs made us want to go inside for the lunch being held after the service.

The service had a few surprises, including a wedding! Church member John Barthlow and his bride Christine decided the gathering was the perfect time to declare their love and become man and wife.

Waiting to walk down the aisle.

Being pronounced man and wife.

Everyone at Christ Reformed UCC wishes all the best in the future for John and Christine, as well as James, Charlie, Sara and all of our graduates!

Graduates Charlie Cloud and James Rinker pose with their families in front of a graduation cake during the outdoor service picnic lunch.


Easter Cantata

The choir performed John W. Peterson’s Easter cantata, “Behold Your King,” on Sunday, led by Music Director Joey DiGuglielmo on piano.

Remembering Norma and Allen Grant

These lovely flowers were in the sanctuary on March 3 from Brian, Cathy and Zachary Grant, to honor and remember their parents, Norma and Allen Grant. What a wonderful reminder of two long-time members of our church family who are so deeply missed.


Repairs in the sanctuary

Repairs in the sanctuary are completed! As these photos show, the carpet was replaced, plaster work and painting in the balcony area was done and the stairs beside the altar were fixed.


Our construction team began repairs in the sanctuary in January. The Property Committee thanks everyone in the congregation and our visitors for your patience and cooperation!

Welcome new members!

On Jan. 6, we welcomed new members Denise Phelps and Mark Eisinger, shown here with Pastor Tom Hartshorn. We are so happy you have decided to join our church family, Denise and Mark, and we look forward to getting to know you better. Welcome!

Choir Practice

Meets every Wednesday at 7:00 pm, September – May*

Community Dinner

Served every Thursday 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm*, except Thanksgiving Day

‘Neighbors in Need’ Table is open with donated clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.

NOTE:  * Cancelled if there is bad weather!

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