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Congregation Corner

One church joining faith and action

Congregation Corner

Happy birthday, Darlene!

Darlene Bauer’s daughters Kaye Ebner (left) and Lynn Wyndham (right) were in town last week to help Darlene celebrate her birthday, and they joined us in church on Sunday. By the looks of this picture, a good time was had by all! Happy birthday, Darlene!

Church puts up new signs

Anyone leaving the church from the back door has doubtlessly seen these new signs put up to help keep visitors safe.

Church receives gift of new altar railing from the Riner family

Earlier this year, Darla Riner generously donated money to provide a railing at the altar for members who needed something to hold onto when they are walking up and down the stairs. Work progressed in phases, with the last phase being completed recently: two additional supports were added, bring the total to four posts holding up the railing, and a dedication plaque was added. Many thanks to Darla and her family for this generous and much-needed gift!



Aesop’s Fables come to Christ Reformed Church

On Sunday, July 21, church members Sylvia Kesecker and Bob Gough recreated what they did during Vacation Bible School for the congregation. Sylvia read three stories — in this case, Aesop’s Fables — and Bob drew the story as she read. During the service, they read and illustrated “The Mouse and the Lion,” “The Ant and the Dove” and “The Crow and the Pitcher.”

Bob Gough draws while Sylvia Kesecker reads selections from Aesop’s Fables.

Bob finishes his drawing of “The Lion and the Mouse.”

We had a baptism!

Not every baptism involves a baby. During the regular worship service on July 14, Pastor Tom Hartshorn baptized congregation member John Roland Gsell. Congratulations, John!


Outdoor worship service honors grads, brings surprises

At this year’s outdoor worship service, we honored graduates from our congregation, including: James Rinker, Charlie Cloud, Amanda Riner, Paul Christo and Sara Mason. James, Charlie and Sara were given scholarships from the church.

Consistory President Harvey Reisenweber, right, gives scholarship checks to James Rinker, left, and Charlie Cloud.

It was a glorious day to be outside, although the smell of grilling hamburgers and hot dogs made us want to go inside for the lunch being held after the service.

The service had a few surprises, including a wedding! Church member John Barthlow and his bride Christine decided the gathering was the perfect time to declare their love and become man and wife.

Waiting to walk down the aisle.

Being pronounced man and wife.

Everyone at Christ Reformed UCC wishes all the best in the future for John and Christine, as well as James, Charlie, Sara and all of our graduates!

Graduates Charlie Cloud and James Rinker pose with their families in front of a graduation cake during the outdoor service picnic lunch.



Welcome new members!

On Jan. 6, we welcomed new members Denise Phelps and Mark Eisinger, shown here with Pastor Tom Hartshorn. We are so happy you have decided to join our church family, Denise and Mark, and we look forward to getting to know you better. Welcome!

Choir Practice

Meets every Wednesday at 7:00 pm, September – May*

Community Dinner

Served every Thursday 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm*, except Thanksgiving Day

‘Neighbors in Need’ Table is open with donated clothing, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.

NOTE:  * Cancelled if there is bad weather!

A sign warns motorists to watch out for pedestrians.

A sign warns motorists to watch out for pedestrians.

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