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Church holds annual Congregational Meeting

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Church holds annual Congregational Meeting

The church’s annual Congregational Meeting was held after services on Sunday, Jan. 28. Copies of the annual report were distributed to all attendees, and the report was approved by voice vote.

The main topic of discussion during the meeting, which was led by Consistory President Mary Kackley, was the state of the church’s furnace. It has been malfunctioning periodically, including that morning, when parishioners came to church to find it without heat. The issue is with a valve, and the Consistory had already gotten an estimate for the repair. Since it is above the $2,000 limit under which the Consistory can spend money without congregational approval, Kackley asked for a motion to get the valve fixed. She also noted that the original estimate had expired, so the church may have to pay out more than expected from the previous estimate. The congregation voted in favor.

There was discussion about the fact that our furnace is old and will probably need to be replaced sooner rather than later. Kackley asked for congregational approval for a budget line item that would allow the church to accept money for the eventual replacement of the furnace — not a capital campaign, but rather a place to put funds if congregation members are so moved to make targeted donations. Discussion of this moved to whether we should start talking to companies that do this type of work about what type of system would work best for our church and how we use the building. A motion was made to solicit RFQs for advice on what type of furnace/heating system would be best for the church, and the motion was amended to include air conditioning as well. The motion passed.

In addition to the meeting, members enjoyed pizza and desserts and some social time. And fortunately, the chapel had warmed up by then.