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Christ is risen!

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Christ is risen!

For many people, the main symbol of Christianity is the cross. We see crosses everywhere, even worn as jewelry by people who have never been in a church.

However, the true symbol of our faith should be the empty tomb. It is in the mystery of the resurrection that we find our hope. If we could understand the empty tomb, the symbol of the Risen Christ, then we would understand God. That would make God much smaller and less powerful.

Easter is the time we admit we don’t have all the answers about life. We do not even know the questions. We are on a journey that is only revealed as we live every moment of every day.

That is why death confounds us. We cannot see beyond the empty tomb. Charlatans and frauds of all kinds have lured us away from our journey by offering misinformation and superstition. Cults abound. Even organized religions mislead and offer false hope. We live in a “pie in the sky when you die” society.

The tomb is still empty. We do not know what has happened. We try and fail to fill in the blanks. What we celebrate is that our efforts are unnecessary.

The journey of life ends in God, the God who is love. The mechanism will always be unknown, but the destination is assured. Our tomb, also, is empty.

Be safe and well this Easter and all the Easters to come!

Tom Hartshorn is the pastor at Christ Reformed United Church of Christ.