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One church joining faith and action

End times…or just the beginning?

Recently, I finished reading the book of Revelation. That’s no easy feat, and I will not pretend that I understood a lot of it. I recall a sermon in the…
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Sunday Sermon, July 26, 2020

Our church remains closed, but we can all be together in spirit. In this mini-sermon, Pastor Tom Hartshorn talks about how we can be the church out in our daily…
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Dreaming of a solution to the COVID-19 crisis

I don’t put much stock in the meaning of dreams, but last night I had a very vivid one I feel compelled to share. My dream was an algorithm. I…
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Sunday Sermon, July 12, 2020

We can’t worship together just yet, but we can bring the Sunday service into your homes virtually. Enjoy this short sermon put together by Pastor Tom Hartshorn.

To open or not to open: That is the question

This coming Sunday, the Consistory is going to talk again about whether to reopen the church. I will be honest — I have mixed feelings. On one hand, I miss…
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Though I call for help, there is no justice

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving an opinion about the violent deaths of black men and women at the hands of police. I’m not black.…
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Who do you trust?

Here’s a trivia question: What game show did Johnny Carson host before taking on “The Tonight Show”?  It was a very popular show called “Who Do You Trust?” which ran…
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Overcoming fear through community

We live in dangerous times and not just from the risk of becoming ill, but also from the feelings we may be harboring about our neighbors locally, nationally and globally.…
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No life is lived in vain

Paul reminds us in Corinthians that in Christ, no life is lived in vain. There should be comfort in that message regardless of our age or how fairly life has…
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False prophets

Once upon a time there was a prophet in the Hebrew court named Hananiah. He was very well liked and enjoyed the riches of his position. Hananiah was well-known for…
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