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Though I call for help, there is no justice

Maybe I shouldn’t be writing this. Maybe I shouldn’t be giving an opinion about the violent deaths of black men and women at the hands of police. I’m not black. I’m not a police officer. I enjoy the tranquility of knowing that my family and friends, my home and things, are safe due to the…
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Who do you trust?

Here’s a trivia question: What game show did Johnny Carson host before taking on “The Tonight Show”?  It was a very popular show called “Who Do You Trust?” which ran from 1957-1963. The question remains relevant, even if today it is not funny and certainly not a game. Who do you trust?  Who can you…
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Overcoming fear through community

We live in dangerous times and not just from the risk of becoming ill, but also from the feelings we may be harboring about our neighbors locally, nationally and globally. In times of prolonged crisis and stress, annoyance can quickly boil over into anger. And without a visible presence to attack, our frustrations with COVID-19…
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Got the pandemic blues?

Are you missing church? Feeling scared or lonely? Do you need someone to give you advice or lend an ear? Pastor Tom Hartshorn wants to remind everyone that he is available for counseling or just a friendly chat. Call him at 304-279-7332 or e-mail him at ucctom@gmail.com. And even if things are fine, feel free to…
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No life is lived in vain

Paul reminds us in Corinthians that in Christ, no life is lived in vain. There should be comfort in that message regardless of our age or how fairly life has treated us. Certainly for families and friends of people who have succumbed to COVID-19, these are powerful words. I think of families forced to grieve…
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No church services May 3

There will be no church services on May 3. While the governor is beginning to open up public places, including churches, in a phased-in plan, the Consistory has not yet decided when and how services will resume. Stay tuned for more updates regarding May services and activities.

False prophets

Once upon a time there was a prophet in the Hebrew court named Hananiah. He was very well liked and enjoyed the riches of his position. Hananiah was well-known for his position that God lived in Jerusalem. Therefore, no army could prevail against the city. When the mighty Babylonians laid siege to Jerusalem, Hananiah told…
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Church events cancelled through April 30

Christ Reformed United Church of Christ Consistory President Harvey Reisenweber has announced that, in order to adhere to federal guidelines about social gatherings, church services and other church meetings and practices will continue to be cancelled through at least April 30. The Thursday night Community Dinner has been converted to carry out. Stay home and…
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Christ is risen!

For many people, the main symbol of Christianity is the cross. We see crosses everywhere, even worn as jewelry by people who have never been in a church. However, the true symbol of our faith should be the empty tomb. It is in the mystery of the resurrection that we find our hope. If we…
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Thoughts on Palm Sunday morning during the pandemic

When Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1-9), the people laid palm branches in his path shouting “Hosanna!”  I learned just this past year from our Pastor, Tom Hartshorn, that rather than being an exclamation of joy or adoration, “Hosanna” is a plea for help. “Save us!” is what the people of Jerusalem were shouting…
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