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In-person congregational meeting cancelled

Due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases in our region, the in-person congregational meeting scheduled for Nov. 8 has been cancelled. Consistory President Harvey Reisenweber has sent a letter to every member of the congregation, outlining the proposed budget and the slate of candidates for the Consistory for 2021. The letter also has instructions on…
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Sunday sermon, Oct. 18, 2020

In Luke 17:5, the apostles ask Jesus to increase their faith, and he replies that all they need is faith the size of a grain of mustard seed. In today’s online sermon, Pastor Tom Hartshorn says this passage is a reminder of what it takes to be faithful. “Mustard seed faith,” he says, is all…
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Sunday sermon, Oct. 4, 2020

There is a lot of talk about the economy these days, but the one that matters to people of faith is Christ’s economy — which is an economy of generosity. In today’s sermon, Pastor Tom Hartshorn revisits the parable from Luke chapter 16 about the dishonest steward and urges us all to be good stewards…
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Sunday sermon, Sept. 20, 2020

Pandemic, protests, wildfires, hurricanes … as we hunker down in our homes waiting for all of the bad things to be over, it’s easy to feel hopeless. In today’s mini-sermon, Pastor Tom Hartshorn reminds us that we are still a church and encourages us to embrace life. To view this week’s sermon, click on the…
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Cereal for CCAP 2020

In the past, we have collected boxes of cereal to donate to CCAP to feed the hungry in our community during the month of September. This year has presented challenges, not the least of which is that our church is closed because of the pandemic. But creative minds will not be stopped, and James Rinker,…
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So you want to be a “pew sitter”

The church has been putting out the call for people to join us as “pew sitters,” and you may be wondering what that is. Good question! When we started taping sermons earlier this summer for airing online, we realized it is not easy for Tom to preach to an empty church. There were two of…
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Sunday sermon, Sept. 6, 2020

“That they may all be one.” It is the motto of the United Church of Christ, and it is Jesus’ wish for us as He left the world. In this mini-sermon, Pastor Tom Hartshorn talks about what unity means, especially in our divided society. And he reminds us that “oneness” is not “sameness.” To use…
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Sunday sermon, Aug. 23, 2020

We can’t worship together yet, but we can be together in spirit. In this mini-sermon, Pastor Tom Hartshorn talks about how we can benefit our neighbors and ourselves by speaking up and, in the words of the late Rep. John Lewis, getting into some “good trouble.” Click on the arrow in the image of Tom…
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Sunday Sermon, Aug. 9, 2020

We can’t worship together yet, but we can be together in spirit. In this mini-sermon, Pastor Tom Hartshorn talks about the importance of hope during these trying times. Click on the arrow in the image of Tom at the pulpit to start the video.

End times…or just the beginning?

Recently, I finished reading the book of Revelation. That’s no easy feat, and I will not pretend that I understood a lot of it. I recall a sermon in the not-so-distant past in which Tom remarked that Revelation was written using imagery that would have meaning for the people of the author’s time; we aren’t…
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